Why Wrapbook?

Wrapbook makes paying cast and crew effortless. Save time, stay secure, and take control of your payroll.

With Wrapbook you get:
  • Productivity: Spend less time chasing down information and more time taking action

  • Clarity: Wrapbook keeps your entire team in sync, giving the right people access to the right data at the right time

  • Dependability: Payroll accuracy and data security are our top priorities

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Clarity every step of the way

Wrapbook empowers production and finance teams to track job costs, actualize budgets, and generate custom wrap reports—all in real time, all in one easy-to-use platform.

Cost Tracking

No more paper chits or loose purchase orders. With Wrapbook, you can track POs and petty cash right in the Wrapbook platform.

Everything’s updated in real time, so your team’s always in sync and you always have eyes on your spending.


API Integrations with leading ERPs

Wrapbook slides seamlessly into your existing workflow. With built-in integrations to the leading ERPs, all your costs—wages, fringes, and POs—flow directly to your preferred accounting solution. No more manual data entry.


Smart Line Coding

Staying organized has never been easier. With customizable charts of accounts and payroll expenses that auto-populate to the right G/L account, Wrapbook takes the headaches out of line coding.


Budget Tracker & Cost Reporting

Wrapbook puts your whole budget at your fingertips, then makes it easy to wrap your project with a click. Wrap happens faster with Wrapbook.

Commercial accounting, minus the guesswork.

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